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Now you can learn the secret tips and tricks that Jennie has cultivated over the years to create her beautiful cake pops and treats. Each cake pop maker has their own method of creating treats. These classes teach you the methods that Jennie has used over the years to create the edible art that has made her treats so popular. Each class is in a Facebook live group. When you buy the class you are admitted into the private group where you can watch the class live, rewatch it forever, ask questions that are answered by Jennie, participate in live Q&A sessions, get help with troubleshooting, or show of your work. You aren't just taking a class you are becoming part of a community that wants to see you grow and thrive. 

Baby Yoda advanced cake pop class

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This class will teach you how to make an adorable Baby Yoda Cake pop. Baby Yoda is made completely from cake with the exception of his wrap. This will be a facebook live class where you can interact with each other and the instructor. You'll be a part of a cake pop community where you can post pictures, share your triumphs or struggles, ask advice, and ask questions that will be answered by me. It will be a forever link that you will be able to come back to over and over. You must have a facebook account to join the class.

The class will be on Monday, January 13th at 12 pm. There will be a follow-up Q&A session on Tuesday, January 14th at 1 pm. You'll be able to ask any questions you have regarding the techniques you learned. If you can't make the live class that is ok! You'll be able to watch the video any time.

In this class, you will learn:

* How to shape each element.
* How to attach cake pop pieces that will stay on while you dip. This is a skill you will be able to apply to future cake pop creations.
* We will also discuss poppy paints, how to use them and how to store colors you mix for future use. We'll also discuss brushes that work best and how to take care of them to keep their shape.
* You'll learn how to create details that make a character cake pop look like the character.
* How to mix the perfect green for baby Yoda's wrinkly complexion.
* and MUCH more

Supplies needed:

* Cake Pop dough
* Cake pop sticks
* Candy melts - white, green, brown and yellow (you can use just white and brown then dyes)
* Candy dye - Green and yellow
* Toothpicks or scribs
*Banana runts
* Modeling chocolate or fondant - white and a little brown (or some brown dye)
* Poppy paints - Black, White, Brown, and Super Shine. Orange is an optional color you will see me use.
* Paint brushes - I recommend a small fine tip brush for small details.
A link to the group will be sent after the payment has cleared. Please give us a few hours to send the link. If it's the weekend it could be a day before you receive the email.
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