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Cake Pop Classes

Now you can learn the secret tips and tricks that Jennie has cultivated over the years to create her beautiful cake pops and treats. Each cake pop maker has their own method of creating treats. These classes teach you the methods that Jennie has used over the years to create the edible art that has made her treats so popular. Each class is in a Facebook live group. When you buy the class you are admitted into the private group where you can watch the class live, rewatch it forever, ask questions that are answered by Jennie, participate in live Q&A sessions, get help with troubleshooting, or show of your work. You aren't just taking a class you are becoming part of a community that wants to see you grow and thrive. 

Cake Pop Sculpting & Shaping Fundamentals

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Cake Pop Sculpting & Shaping Fundamentals

instructed by: Jennie of The Cake Pop Shop

Join Jennie as she shares all her secrets, tools, tips, and tricks to shaping smooth, sturdy cake pops.

What you'll learn:

- The best cake consistency for shaping

- Hand shaping and sculpting techniques for smooth, defined shapes

- Tools used to help shape

- The best way to use cake pop molds and stamps

- Stick placement for specific shapes (this makes a world of difference)

- How to dip difficult shapes and not have your cake pop fall apart as well as accentuate specific shape parts.

- Attaching extra parts (with cake, candy, or fondant)

- How to avoid cracks

Shapes that will be covered:

We will be covering many shapes in this class. A lot of the shapes that were chosen to be covered can be used for multiple designs. The most important thing you will take away from this class is not one specific shape but the basics of shaping so you can confidently shape your own designs. That being said here are the shapes we will be covering. Please remember a cake pop can be the same shape but stick placement can turn it into a new design.

- Elephant (head w/ truck, attached ears and tusk)

- Tapered oval - This shape is good for MANY designs. I'll show you how to place it on the stick and how the position will change what cake pop design it can be. Moose, cow, zebra, deer, horse, unicorn, giraffe, hippo, etc.

Tear drop - Flamingo bodies, swan bodies, hot air balloons, Poppy (from trolls)

- Sea Turtle - This is where I will show the secret to attaching two heavy cake pop pieces and have them stay together during dipping

- Donuts

- Fox

- Mushrooms - This will also have a demonstration of how to keep the top half of the mushroom on and how to dip with two colors without having to double dip.

- Squares, rectangles, badges, and other shapes that have sharp edges. - Here we will cover cake pop stamps. The best way to use them and the best way to get them out of the stamp without messing up the shape. I'll also demonstrate how I get sharp edges when I hand shape.

- Mystery shape - In the Q&A I will do a request shape that will be voted for during the class.

*This class will NOT be teaching detailed decorating. It is strictly a foundation for shaping and dipping shaped cake pops.

This class is taught in a facbook group. It will be done live on July 26th at 1:30 pm est. A follow up Q&A session will be on July 28th at 2 pm. During the Q&A you can ask questions, and I'll do a mystery shape. The mystery shape is something you will suggest during the class and will be voted on. Face shape will be an option for the mystery shape.

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