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Cake Pop Classes

Now you can learn the secret tips and tricks that Jennie has cultivated over the years to create her beautiful cake pops and treats. Each cake pop maker has their own method of creating treats. These classes teach you the methods that Jennie has used over the years to create the edible art that has made her treats so popular. Each class is in a Facebook live group. When you buy the class you are admitted into the private group where you can watch the class live, rewatch it forever, ask questions that are answered by Jennie, participate in live Q&A sessions, get help with troubleshooting, or show of your work. You aren't just taking a class you are becoming part of a community that wants to see you grow and thrive. 

Mickey Breakfast Cake Pop Class

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Mickey Breakfast Cake Pop Class

instructed by: Jennie of The Cake Pop Shop.

This class will go over from start to finish how to create each cake pop seen here

What you'll learn:

- How to shape the cake pops and ears

- How to attach the ears so they don't fall off during dipping

- How to mix the candy melts for the correct colors

- How to recreate the line details of the waffle and swirl on the cinnamon roll

- How to make the waffle and cinnamon roll look cooked and with swirls

- How to make real looking syrup

Tools you'll need:

Other than the obvious, cake and sticks. The list of supplies is below

- White, chocolate, and red candy melts/chocolate

- Candy dye - pink, yellow and maybe orange. You can also use brown (coulor mill has brown)

- Rainbow Jimmies (or sprinkles of your choice)

- Piping Gel

- Yellow and shine poppy paint (shine is optional)

- Brown color dust

- A piping bag or squeeze bottle

- A ball tool (I'll share my favorite)

- A paint brush

This class is taught in a facbook group. It will be done live on Sunday, August 9th at 2 pm est. A follow up Q&A session will be on Tuesday, August 11th at 4:30 pm EST. During the Q&A you can ask questions and if there is time I'll go over how to decorate a BRP Cake Pop Box during the Q&A

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