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What's Poppin'?!

Welcome to What's Poppin' blog! What's Poppin' is a blog all about cake pop fun, creativity, ingenuity, and business.

My name is Jennie and I've been making cake pops professionally for over 4 years under my business name The Cake Pop Shop. The Cake Pop Shop is a licensed home based business located in sunny, and some times rainy, Jacksonville, Florida. We have been very successful and are currently in the process of moving into a commercial kitchen. I have taught classes, written tutorials, been featured in blogs, published in local and national magazines and have high end clients like The Omni hotels and The Jacksonville Jaguars. I love what I do and think that cake pops and cake poppers don't get enough recognition. Cakes get all the attention and I call no fair! There are cake blogs, classes, conventions, magazines, and tutorials everywhere, and we love them cakers, but it's time that cake pops get out from behind the shadow of cakes. That being said, it's time to shed some light on these little balls of edible art. Here, in this blog, I hope to do just that. I want to bring to the forefront the hard work, creativity and ingenuity of making and designing cake pops.

On What's Poppin' we will be sharing tutorials on new and recreated designs. If you are a cake popper and want to submit a tutorial to be featured please email us. We would be delighted to share your work. We want to build a community of cake poppers who support each other and want to see each other succeed.

What's Poppin' will also have quarterly competitions. It will be all about cake pops. We want to share your work and for you to be recognized for your cake popping talent.

Lastly, we want to discuss business. We want to help you profit and succeed in you cake pop business. Whether you are a home baker, work in a commercial kitchen or are in or moving into a store front. We will give you tips, advice and have guest writers with experience to help you with all your cake pop business endeavors. We want to see you succeed!

This blog is something I have been wanting to start for years and with the encouragement of friends it is finally under way. I hope you are inspired and encouraged by the entries you find here and I hope you will share the post that inspire you with others.

And that's What's Poppin!

Jennie Gibson

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